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Full day Jeep Tour and 1 hour camel ride

Wadi Rum, Wadi Rum Village, Jordan (0)
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The camel is one of the most known symbols of the bedouin in desert of Wadi Rum. It is  also a fascinating animal with a unique character. They are often referred to “the Ships of the Desert” and they are known as the best way to immerse yourself into the old way of bedouin life. On this program we will give you the opportunity to explore the protected area of Wadi Rum by the camel and jeep at same day if your time is limited.



The meeting point
We will wait for you in our office in the village of Rum. Enter through visitors center, get your ticket and come to the village. Follow your GPS and we will welcome you with a cup of local tea. Here we will relax and talk about what we are going to do for the day. You will get acquainted with your Bedouin guide and after finishing your drink, you get an instructions on how to mount and ride a camel. We will ride our camels to Nabatean temple. The ruins of the marble-columned Nabatean temple date back to the 14th century BC, and are believed to have been dedicated to the deities Atargatis (goddess of foliage and fruit). Then we ride our camels to Lawrence spring, where we take a break. You can climb to the natural spring and enjoy the spectacular view of Wadi Rum desert.
From the Lawrence spring you continue by the jeep with your Bedouin guide who speaks perfect English. You are going to visit the Khazali canyon. Here you will see ancient inscriptions and the waterhole. Our next stop is a Little rock bridge where you can climp up with a nice view. Then we will continue to Um Fruth rock bridge. You can climb this bridge and enjoy the views of this part of Wadi Rum desert.
Bedouin lunchtime
We will drive to a nice, quiet and shady place where we take a few hours break. Your bedouin guide will prepare a local bedouin meal for you. After finishing your lunch, there is time to take a rest or walk around to explore the area on your own.
After lunch.
We start the afternoon with a beautiful drive to the surprisingly green and narrow Abu Khashaba canyon. You will walk through the canyon for about half an hour. Your guide with the jeep will wait for you on the other side. Afterwards we will continue to Mushroom rock where we will make a short stop before continuing to Lawrence house. A short drive brings us to the big rock wall called Anfishiyyeh. This rock wall is famous for its ancient inscriptions. Before we go to the Bedouin Bivouac camp we will visit the red sand dune. It is possible to climb the dune and enjoy the running down. Then we go to the Bedouin Bivouac camp, which is located at a perfect sunset place, where you can walk around the camp, explore the area on your own and enjoy the changing colors after sunset.
Here you will enjoy a delicious bedouin meal with stories around the fire together with some local bedouin tea as well as traditional songs and music. Another option for you is to gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert while watching the milky way.
There are two options to sleep in our camp, first one – you can sleep inside your private tent, with private shower and bathroom. Another one, more budget friendly option is sleeping outside – under the stars, in the cave just next to the camp and use shared bathroom and facilities.

The price includes:


  • Full day jeep tour with one of our bedouin guide who speaks english.
  • Camel for 1 hour.
  • Overnight stay at Bedouin bivouac camp.
  • Bedouin lunch in the desert with bedouin tea.
  • Drive back from the camp to Wadi Rum village

      - Full Day Jeep Tour WITH Overnight Stay

  • 1 Person 100 JD
  • 2-4 Persons 70 JD per person
  • 5-8 Persons 60 JD per person
  • More than 9 Persons 45 JD per person
  • Children under 15 years 50% discount
  • Children under 7 years free


  • For private bathroom in your room 20 JD extra per person.





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