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5 Hours Jeep Tour

Wadi Rum, Wadi Rum Village, Jordan (0)
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Jeep tour introduction
If you plan to visit Wadi Rum for a short time and end the tour at Bedouin bivouac camp for the rest of the day to relax there, then you can choose one of our jeep tours with overnight stay – 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours or 5 Hours. Is is also possible for you to take the full day jeep tour with the overnight stay. Any of  these jeep tours will show you the most interesting places inside Wadi Rum protected area. We will serve you a Bedouin lunch, after the lunch we will continue to visit the rest of the sites and end the tour at Bedouin Bivouac camp where we will watch the sunset together.


5 Hours Jeep Tour with overnight stay
We will start this tour from Wadi Rum village. You will have a chance to visit and see some of Wadi Rum historical and natural places. During this trip we will go to Nabatean temple, Lawrence spring where we will have a short stop with local bedouin tea. After the spring we will continue to Khazali Canyon where you will walk through the canyon. Next stop is the little rock bridge where you will climb to the top of it. After that we will go to the Um frouth Rock Bridge where you will need 5-10 minutes to be on the top of it. After that we will take you to Lawrence house. Then we will continue to Anfeeshiah Inscription (Napatean and Bedouin old inscription drawn on the mountain). The next place we will see and visit is Red Sand dune where you will walk up the soft sand and ejoy running down. After that we will show you the desert map. Last stop is bedouin bivouac camp where we will enjoy watching the sunset together.


The price includes:

  • 5 hours jeep tour with one of our bedouin guide who speaks english.
  • Overnight stay at Bedouin bivouac camp.
  • Drive back from the camp to Wadi Rum village

     - 5 hours Jeep Tour WITH Overnight Stay

  • 1 Person 90 JD
  • 2-4 Persons 75 JD per person
  • 5-8 Persons 65 JD per person
  • More than 9 Persons 60 JD per person
  • Children under 15 years 50% discount
  • Children under 7 years free
  • For private bathroom in your room 20 JD extra per person.


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